3 Boredom-Beating Activities For When There’s “Nothing To Do”

Ask any Singaporean and they’d likely be guilty of saying that our little red dot is boring and there is “absolutely nothing to do”. Perhaps you might even be guilty of it yourself. Contrary to popular belief, there is more to our humble little country besides eating and shopping in the malls.

Today, we present to you 3 activities that are sure to beat that boredom and dispel the myth that Singapore is boring.

1. Be a tourist for a day and get lost in iconic historic neighbourhoods

The early history of the island country is fascinatingly revealed through Singapore’s historic districts.

Start in Little India, where shophouse boutiques overflow with vibrant saris and fragrant spices. Be sure to check out Tekka Market, a must-see for anyone visiting the area. Often teeming with people, the hustle and bustle of the market combined with the aroma of mouth-watering dishes will tickle all your senses.

Then, head on over to Chinatown, where breathtakingly beautiful temples and traditional shophouses coexist with modern eateries. Discover the history of some of the country’s earliest pioneers and indulge in a myriad of ravishing food options that are sure to fill your bellies to the brim.

Lastly, immerse yourself in the rich culture and diversity of Kampong Glam. This trendy, artistic neighbourhood with an urban and edgy allure is a terrific spot to people-watch and shop till you drop. Home to Arab Street and Haji Lane, this vibrant area is jam-packed with restaurants, quirky little shops, and Instagram-worthy cafes – you could even check out the Selfie Coffee café, where you can get a cuppa with a self-portrait on it!

2. Conquer a hiking trail

Nothing compares to the exhilaration of exploring Singapore’s gorgeous bike paths or heart-pounding trekking trails! You will be happy to know there are several paths for you and your crew to conquer if taking in the sights while getting some exercise seems like something up your alley. In particular, you could consider hiking through the Southern Ridges Trail.

Follow the picturesque Southern Ridges Trail across 10 kilometres of lush greenery. You’ll pass Henderson Bridge along the route, Singapore’s tallest pedestrian bridge made of a space-age wave structure. You may stroll over these high bridges that connect Singapore’s hills, looking down on gardens and parks as you go.

3. Escape to the Southern Islands of Singapore

If you truly feel like you have done everything there is to do on our little red dot, perhaps venturing out to the beautiful local islands surrounding the mainland is just what you need.

And if you are worried about not having anything to do while you’re there, don’t be! The Southern Islands of Singapore promise a day jam-packed with exciting and enjoyable activities. Whether you are looking to have a relaxing sun-tanning session on a relatively private beach, learn more about our country’s vast biodiversity, have a splashing good time in the refreshingly cool sea or even enjoy a picnic spread with your loved ones, a weekend getaway trip to the Southern Islands of Singapore is sure to check multiple of your boxes.

Besides, who doesn’t love feeling like you’re going on vacation, even if it is just for a day? The best part is that it is relatively affordable and close to home – simply hop on a ferry to Lazarus Island, St. John’s Island or Kusu Island and you’ll be in for a day of ultimate relaxation and fun.


So, the next time you think that there is nothing to do in Singapore, think again! Despite being a small country, if you know just where to look, there are various enjoyable boredom-beating activities available.

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