4 Ideas On What To Do With Family During The Long Weekends

Celebrate and rejoice as it is the long weekends! It is undeniable that long weekends are something everyone looks forward to – they offer a time to take a step back from reality, unwind, relax, and spend quality time with the ones you hold near and dear.

So, what are you up to during the long weekends? Our city is teeming with activities you can do – we’re talking about anything from decadent Sunday brunches at the hottest new cafés, live music bars, pop-up shops and more. But if you’re bored of doing the usual things during your precious long weekends, don’t worry, we have got your back.

It is out with the old and in with the new as we present to you 4 exciting ideas on what you can do with the family during the long weekends!

1. Have a splashing good time at HydroDash

Get your swimsuit on as you have a splashing good time at HydroDash, Singapore’s first floating water park.

The floating obstacle course is located at Palawan Beach in Sentosa and will have you and your family jumping and bouncing across huge inflatables in the sea. So, get ready to be soaked as you make your way through the obstacle course and race to the finish.

2. Get your skates on

Let forth your inner disco diva as you skate all your worries away at Hi Roller indoor skating rink. And if you’re worried about not knowing how to skate, don’t be. The skating rink has qualified teachers who can give lessons to people of all ages and offers both inline and roller skates! But hey, part of the fun is feeling wobbly on your feet as you attempt to glide across the rink with your loved ones, right?

If you are in the mood for something a little cooler, Singapore is also home to a few ice-skating rinks that will allow you to skate to your heart’s content, all without breaking a sweat!

3. Attempt to escape in 60 minutes or less

Put your thinking cap on as you immerse yourself in an escape room filled with puzzles that will surely have the gears in your brain turning.

In 60 minutes or less, work together with your loved ones to find out how to escape the room. Have fun putting together pieces of the puzzle as you search for clues and try your luck at cracking various codes. This would undoubtedly be an activity that brings the family together!

4. Plan an island getaway trip

There is nothing that says the long weekends than packing your bags for a day of fun in the sun.

For one of the best things to do during the long weekends in Singapore that involves crystal clear seas and sandy beaches, hop on a ferry to Lazarus Island, Kusu Island or St. John’s Island with Singapore Island Cruise.

Pack along some snacks and drinks for a picnic on the powdery stretch of sand, enjoy a day of splashing around in the turquoise waters or learn more about the islands’ rich history and culture. No matter what you choose to do, a day trip to the Southern Islands of Singapore guarantees a weekend to remember for everyone in the family!

The best part? It’s only a 30-minute ferry ride away and you don’t even need your passport.


As something everyone in the family looks forward to, the long weekends do not have to be restricted to Sunday brunches and staying in all day long. Hopefully, with this article, you have a couple of refreshing ideas for some enjoyable activities you can do with your family during the long weekends.

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