Five Things To Do On Your Day Trip To St. John’s Island

When it comes to selecting an island getaway location, most people will gravitate towards Pulau Ubin’s meandering bicycle trails or Sentosa’s numerous attractions. However, just a short ferry trip away is St. John’s and Lazarus Islands, two of Singapore’s Southern Islands.

We had already covered some of the fun things to do on Lazarus Island in a previous article, so our topic of discussion for today would be none other than St. John’s Island. The largest of the Southern Islands, St. John’s Island is a fun-filled destination adorned with picturesque nature trails and beaches.

If you are thinking of riding the wave to St. John’s Island, here are five things you can consider doing on your day trip there!

1. Explore the intertidal zones

What is an intertidal zone? Well, the intertidal zone is the area where the sea meets the land between low and high tides. Essentially, this means that during low tides, you would be able to walk on the lagoon.

When the tides subside, the accessible shore becomes a treasure trove of marine life – seagrasses, sea cucumbers, horseshoe crabs, starfish – you name it! Check the tide forecast before your trip in order to pick the best time to go. Just be sure to watch your footing and not disturb the marine life when you are exploring the intertidal zones.

2. Join a guided walking tour

Interested to learn more about the island’s diversity of flora and fauna? Consider joining a curated guided tour!

Led by NParks volunteers, this free 1.5 hour guided walking tour covers a total distance of approximately 1.6km. Held on the first Sunday of every month, you will be introduced to the island’s colourful history and its diversity of flora and fauna. However, do note that the tour is capped at 10 participants per tour, and tickets tend to sell out quickly!

3. Visit the Marine Park Outreach and Education Centre

Located just a 15-minute walk away from the jetty is the National Marine Laboratory’s Public Gallery. The Gallery has a 3D miniature model of the Marine Park’s dive paths, a chronology of Singapore’s conservation efforts, a viewing pool, and aquariums to showcase the biodiversity of Singapore’s waters. From coral reefs to intertidal habitats, you will surely broaden your knowledge of the conservation of our marine ecosystems after a visit to the Marine Park Outreach and Education Centre.

4. St. John's Island Coastal Exploration

For those seeking a unique marine adventure in Singapore, St. John’s Island offers a fascinating experience at low tide. As the waters recede, the shoreline unveils a diverse ecosystem teeming with reef fish, sea sponges, and even the occasional sea star. Be sure to check the tide schedule, as the low tide times vary daily. St. John’s Island boasts a single beach, making it a preferred destination for swimming, sunbathing, or simply unwinding by the tranquil lagoon, sheltered by natural sea barrier rocks. From this vantage point, you can even catch glimpses of Singapore’s iconic skyline. Additionally, there’s a conveniently located restroom near the beach equipped with basic shower facilities.

5. Experience St. John’s Island’s accomodations

The fifth on the list of things you must do on St. John’s Island is to stay overnight. 

Camping enthusiasts will be happy to know that camping is now allowed at Lazarus Beach. To secure a camping permit, visit the SLA website and apply for a TOL (Temporary Occupation License). It’s a hassle-free process, and there are designated areas for setting up your camping tent.

If camping differs from your style, St. John’s Island also has a lodge where you can stay overnight. Forget about bringing your camping gear; you’ll be able to sleep on a comfortable bed here. The lodge offers a bungalow option for a maximum of ten people at affordable rates, starting from SGD 21.4/night on weekdays and SGD 42.8/night on weekends. Alternatively, a campsite option, with a maximum capacity for 50 people, starts from SGD 74.90 onwards. The lodge even includes a fully-equipped kitchen for culinary adventures and BBQ pits for those who enjoy grilling. While the accommodations may not rival a luxury hotel, they offer a unique island experience.

And there we have it, five things to do on your next day trip to St. John’s Island. With these ideas in mind, it is now time to head on down to St. John’s Island for a fun-filled day to remember!

How to Get to St. John’s Island

Wondering how to get to St. John’s Island? It’s much simpler than many might imagine. All you have to do is catch a ferry to St. John’s Island in Singapore. Board your ferry with Singapore Island Cruise from Marina South Pier, and within 30 to 40 minutes, you’re there at your destination! Enjoy the things on your to-do list and make the most out of your experience.

Plan Your Trip to St. John’s Island Today!

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the top five things to do on St. John’s Island? This hidden gem, brought to you by Singapore Island Cruise, promises a day of adventure and relaxation. Whether you’re exploring the captivating intertidal zones, joining guided walking tours, or capturing memories on the iconic connecting bridge, St. John’s Island offers an unforgettable experience.

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