Island Itinerary: What A Day Island-Hopping Could Look Like

So, you’re looking to spend a fun-filled day in the sun at the Southern Islands of Singapore with your friends and family. One thing’s for sure — you are certainly in for an exciting day to remember!

In a previous article, we had gone over some tips to take note of when planning an island getaway trip, with one of them being to plan your itinerary. Often, this is something easier said than done, especially if you are not someone who is the most organised or detail-oriented (and there is absolutely no shame in that at all!).

Where do you begin? Which islands should you visit? How long should you spend on each island? Thousands of questions are probably racing through your mind at full speed.

Well, you’re in luck! Before you throw in the towel, check out our sample island itinerary for inspiration – we have put together a detailed guide of what a day out island-hopping around the Southern Islands of Singapore could look like.

10.00AM: Depart from Marina South Pier

This is where your adventure begins!

However, do ensure that you arrive at least 25 minutes before the scheduled ferry departure time (in this case, aim to arrive by 9.30AM). We would also recommend that you purchase your tickets online beforehand so as to guarantee that you have a seat on board. The last thing you’d want is to have your loved ones pumped up and ready for an adventure, only to not be able to get on board! Do also note that delays may be expected during the weekends and boarding will be on a first-come-first-serve basis – so, once you’ve collected your tickets, get on board!

10.40AM: Arrive at St. John’s Island

After an approximately 35 to 45-minute ferry ride, you would have arrived at your first destination adorned with picturesque beaches and nature trails – St. John’s Island.

Check out the Marine Park Outreach and Education Centre to learn more about the fascinating biodiversity of Singapore’s waters. Then, explore the intertidal zones to discover a treasure trove of marine life. Or, if you have gotten a ticket in advance, join a guided walking tour to deeply appreciate the luscious greenery of the island.

12.00PM: Head on over to Lazarus Island

After a morning of activities at St. John’s Island, cross the paved connecting bridge to Lazarus Island – home to pristine yet private beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters and stunning views to die for.

By now, your tummies would likely be growling from all that exploring you did this morning at St. John’s Island. Thus, it is time to pick a spot on the beach, lay out your picnic mat and tuck into the scrumptious feast you’ve brought along with you. Friends, family, food, and a fantastic view – it truly does not get any better than this.

After you have filled your bellies, you could take a stroll along the beach or perhaps even take a dip in the cold seawater for some relief from the heat. The possibilities are virtually endless in this private paradise, so just kick off your shoes and have a blast!

3.30PM: Pack up and walk back to St. John’s Island

Start gathering all your belongings and walking back across that paved connecting bridge to catch a ferry to Kusu Island at 3.50PM from St. John’s Island.

4.10PM: Arrive at Kusu Island

We hope you aren’t too exhausted yet because there is so much to see and do on Kusu Island. A must-see for culture buffs, this island promises a day immersed in culture and history.

Visit the tortoise sanctuary and have a ton of fun spotting these little creatures in various colours, shapes, and sizes! And if you have some spare change on you, head on over to the temple to make some wishes at the iconic lotus-shaped wishing well. End the day by chilling out by the beach. You may even be able to spot the Marina Bay skyline if you’re lucky and know where to look!

6.15PM: Depart from Kusu Island

And that concludes an eventful day of island-hopping. It is time to hop on a ferry from Kusu Island back to Marina South Pier. Given how much the Southern Islands of Singapore have to offer, we are sure you would have had the time of your life on your passport-free weekend getaway trip.


There we have it – our take on an island itinerary. Feel free to draw inspiration from this example or you could even adopt this itinerary entirely! The most important part is that you have the best time with your loved ones.

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So, what are you waiting for? Check out our ferry schedules here and get planning for a trip of a lifetime!