Online Ferry Booking

Hop on to our scheduled ferry for a trip to Singapore’s Southern Islands (St John’s/Lazarus and Kusu Island).

Ferry goes from Marina South Pier to St John’s Island then to Kusu Island, before coming back to Marina South Pier. Ferry does not go back to St John’s Island from Kusu Island. Collect your physical tickets at our ticketing booth on the day you are going for your trip.

Refer to ferry schedule for departure timings and please bring along your own food and drinks to go for a picnic as there are not shops or restaurants on the Southern islands

Due to the annual Kusu Pilgrimage Season, tickets for date of travel between 26th September 2022 and 24th October 2022 will  be valid to either St John’s/Lazarus or Kusu only, depending on the option chosen.

Choosing the St John’s/Kusu Island option for date of travel between 26th September and 24th October 2022 will only allow you to go to St John’s Island.

If you are going to Kusu Island, please choose the Kusu Pilgrimage 2022 option