Where To Go: 7 Local Islands That Are Too Beautiful To Miss

Want to see more of Singapore?

If you thought your weekends and public holidays were restricted to shopping in Orchard Road or simply staying in for a movie night, think again!

We all know Singapore is an island rich in culture, history, and fun things to do. But did you know that there are, in fact, sixty-two other offshore islands in its territory? That’s right, Singapore is made up of not one, not two, but sixty-three islands! Each island boasts picture-perfect views and exciting activities that will never leave you feeling bored.

In this article, we will be exploring 7 of the most popular local islands that are too stunning to miss and are ideal for a day trip.

1. Sentosa Island

As the most popular island, Sentosa is a buzzing destination filled with top-rated tourist attractions and exhilarating activities for all age groups, all year round. From Universal Studios Singapore, SEA Aquarium, Adventure Cover Waterpark, HydroDash, iFly Singapore and more, this popular island presents a world of opportunities for adventure, fun and relaxation. However, the only downside is that the island is brimming with tourists and locals 24/7, so it might not be ideal for those looking for a quiet and rejuvenating day out.

2. Pulau Ubin Island

This island, which sits off the eastern coast of Singapore, is ideal for those looking to immerse themselves in nature. Pulau Ubin Island is a location with spectacular scenery and is home to Chek Jawa Wetland – Singapore’s richest ecosystem and is one of the last few places in Singapore with a natural rocky shore. Apart from the 100-hectare wetlands that offer stunning views, visitors can enjoy sandy beaches, kampongs or communities, observation towers, and decks during their visit to Pulau Ubin Island.

3. Coney Island

Escape to this wonderfully rustic island for a day out with friends and family. Originally intended to be a private retreat, Coney Island eventually became accessible to the general public. There are minimal facilities on the island since it has been left undeveloped to protect the natural habitat, giving visitors a taste of the wild. Visit this island for the day to escape reality, connect with nature, and go on an adventure with your loved ones!

4. Lazarus Island

The most popular Southern Island of Singapore, Lazarus Island is known for its glistening white sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, and luscious greenery. Truly a picturesque destination, this island is easily accessible by the public by ferry and is perfect for those looking for a quieter alternative to Sentosa’s beaches. Kick off your shoes as you unwind in the comfort of a relatively unfrequented beach and let all your stress melt away.

5. St. John’s Island

Just a short walk across a paved bridge from Lazarus Island, is St. John’s Island. Don’t let the horrible history of St. John’s Island being a quarantine station for sick immigrants put you off though. These days, the island is home to idyllic beaches, nature trails and several other gorgeous island finds. Given its rich biodiversity, St. John’s island is a must-visit for any beach bums or nature fanatics. From guided nature walking tours to exploring intertidal zones, there is an amazing range of things to do on St. John’s Island for families, friends and even solo visitors.

6. Kusu Island

If you’re after a day filled with culture, Kusu Island is the one for you. Learn about a little local folklore when you visit Kusu (tortoise) Island! According to tradition, a turtle transformed itself into an island to save two drowning sailors. Today, the island has a sanctuary that is home to hundreds of these adorable creatures. Among the things you must do on Kusu Island, be sure to check out the well-known Da Bo Gong Chinese temple, which is set against a stunning backdrop of beach, sea, and tropical vegetation.

7. Sisters’ Island

Sisters’ Island is a lush haven tucked away in the ocean and is named after a tale of two sisters who had vanished there. Sisters’ Island is teeming with a rich biodiversity of flora and fauna. The park and the beach are both fantastic places to explore, and the clear, blue seas are free of pollution and relatively undisturbed (making it perfect for snorkelling!). However, the island is currently closed for maintenance works until 2024.


Whether you’re looking for a relaxing day trip away from the hustle and bustle of the city or a fun-filled day in the sun with family and friends, these islands are the perfect hotspots to have a vacation away from home. What’s more, you do not even need your passport!

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